Women's Ministry

A Word From Our President

I am truly blessed and it is of great honor to serve the women of New Beginnings Community Church. While we are not all in the same season of life, we are all women who crave authenticity and vulnerability. As women, we seek to find a place not only to tell our own stories, but a place to listen with empathy, a place to give and receive  love unconditionally but above all a place to find deep spirituality and guide others to Jesus.

Beauty For Ashes Ministry will create an atmosphere where we as ladies will pray together, share our wisdom with one another, enjoy the different gifts that each of us possess as outlined in 1 Corinthians 12:4-11 and study the Word together to show ourselves approved.

As part of the Beauty for Ashes Ministry you will be challenged to be the best you can be. Beauty for Ashes Ministry will be a community of women, gathered together to live more authentically, to sharpen, challenge, love and inspire one another. Equipping ourselves to serve and to be of service for Christ. As women of New Beginnings Community Church let us go forth and fill our communities and the world with the fragrance of love so that our lights can truly shine.

Beauty for Ashes, (BFA), brings women together to grow together. This ministry offers a unique opportunity for women to gather to study God’s word, with a particular focus on topics relevant to life as Christian women. Women of all ages and backgrounds meet once per month for Bible study, discussion, prayer and fellowship.
TLC is an opportunity to:

  1. Build your personal relationship with Christ
  2. Build relationships with other NBCC women
  3. Build relationships as a disciple, with family, friends, in the church, and in the community.

The Women’s Ministry is committed to: inspiring each sister in the faith to continuously build a better relationship with God and each other; connecting women to God and woman-to-woman; and supporting the spiritual growth for our NBCC sisters and sisters all over our community.

The mission of NBCC women’s ministry is to provide a community where we can reach and change lives by connecting women to God and to each other through service and studying the word of God.

NBCC will become a place of encouragement and empowerment where women will use their unique gifts to serve and to foster Godly relationships.

Beauty for Ashes Women’s Ministry, through faith and prayer, will cause you to:

  •  Encounter the power of Almighty God.
  • Connect through authentic relationships
  • Serve our communities with love