Lenten 2021 | Day 49

DAY 49

LUKE 24: 36-53

We live in a world of information saturation. I am constantly fatigued by the amount of information that bombards me, some of it by my own choice, and some not. And yet with all this information, I also often feel ‘out of it’. Knowing the latest sports score, the most recent political development, or even the latest fashion trend, requires diligent effort and constant updating.

And within a day’s time, this highly sought after information will be irrelevant. And somehow the timeless scriptures seem to ‘compete’ with all these other attention seekers for part of my limited bandwidth. And parts of scripture can appear to be mysterious, leaving us with more questions than with answers. As an example, in this passage, does Jesus believe in ghosts? Hmm!

It is such a great comfort to know that God wants me to understand him. Jesus ‘opened their minds so they could understand the scriptures’. Daily as I read God’s word, I must lean into this promise as well. Of all the information that bombards my brain, what I need most is a word from God that I can trust. The greatest ‘update’ I can receive today, is scripture for my soul.


• What insights have I gained from journeying with Luke this Lent?

• How have my actions and reactions changed recently?

• In this Easter season, what are my priorities now?


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