Lenten 2021 | Day 48

DAY 48

LUKE 24: 13-25

We all love news! Good news is fun to discuss, but bad news is better. We all love gossiping about what has gone wrong; politics, economics, wars – they are all fascinating. Imagine coming across someone who doesn’t know about your favorite topic. Today’s passage shows exactly that.

These two disciples were on their way to Emmaus, discussing the things that had happened over the past few days. Just three days earlier, Jesus, their hero, had been murdered. What’s more, that morning, some believers had gone to the tomb and found it empty!

When the stranger hadn’t heard the news, they couldn’t wait to tell him. Jesus’ response is very telling, and it is as relevant today as it was then: ‘Oh, how foolish you are, and how slow of heart to believe.’ Jesus patiently explained again what had happened so that these disciples could understand. We tend to focus on our own interpretation of things instead of God’s plans. Sometimes God’s plans can be difficult to grasp, but we need to realize that his plans are bigger, better and more complete that our own!

Like the two Emmaus travelers we often misunderstand God’s plan for others and us. At the breaking of the bread their eyes were opened – may we receive this kind of insight.


• It doesn’t matter what the latest news is. We can either choose to focus on the bad news, or we can focus on God’s great news! Where and how do you see the risen Christ walking with you?


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