Lenten 2021 | Day 47

DAY 47

LUKE 24:1-12

Three words that changed the world. Darkness had covered the earth on Good Friday but now hope comes alive. Just when everything seems lost as Jesus lies in the tomb-God demonstrates his power to save by raising Jesus from the grave and releasing hope to the world.

Billy Graham tells of a meeting with German Chancellor Konrad Adenaur. Adenaur asked Graham, “Do you believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead?” Graham immediately answered that indeed he did. There was a long silence from the Chancellor and then he said, “Outside of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, I know no other hope for mankind.” A most significant statement coming from one of the greatest statesmen of the 20th century and the one who picked up the ruins after Hitler had left the world damaged and Germany mangled.

Those three simple words, “He is risen” fill the believer with hope, promise, and eternal security. As we shout aloud this Easter Sunday that Jesus Christ has risen, let us celebrate God’s victory over death and sin!

  • Are there any areas of your life where you feel hopeless?
  • How does the resurrection of Jesus speak into your hopelessness?
  • Do you know anyone who may be in a hopeless situation? Pray about how you might help them


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