Lenten 2021 | Day 46

DAY 46

LUKE 23:44-56

Try to imagine what those living in Jerusalem would have been feeling. For those having experienced the love of Christ, what would they do now? Those who’d mocked and killed him wondered why they didn’t feel better about succeeding. Even the centurion recognized this was bigger than a crucifixion: surely this man was innocent.

No matter who experienced the reality of Jesus’ death, it was left an indelible mark. What about us two thousand years later? Faced with circumstances that seem beyond hope, can we trust in God’s sovereign provision? Just as faith was required of the disciples that weekend, it is required of us today. Darkness has filled the land. Will we turn our hearts toward Christ, remembering God has a plan and will be honored even if we don’t see it right now? Or will we allow the despair and pain to cripple us?

  • Where are you today? Are you filled with hope knowing Sunday is coming?
  • Have the trials and pains of this world overcome you?
  • Will you turn your heart toward your loving Father knowing your life is in his perfect hands?



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