Lenten 2021 | Day 43

DAY 43

LUKE 22: 1-38

These two elements were common on tables in Jesus’ day. Bread and wine also had special meaning in the Jewish Passover meal. Yet, their meaning was transformed again when Jesus broke bread and poured wine at the last supper with his closest friends. Bread is a symbol of his mortal body broken on the cross so that we could become friends with God. Wine is a symbol of his innocent blood shed so that we could become friends with our enemies. Every day we have the opportunity to experience the real presence of Jesus in our homes, churches and community. This happens when we offer friendship to the stranger, the alien, the outcast, the person no one likes, the last person on earth we want to invite to our table. That’s what Jesus did during his life. That’s what Jesus made possible for us through his death.


• Is there anyone, or any group, that you have excluded from the table at your church, your home or your community?


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