Lenten 2021 | Day 41

DAY 41

LUKE 20: 20-40

Her hands cradle her first Bible, ‘How do I read this book?’ she asks. Her words reveal her openness to releasing presumptions and discovering what God has to say through his written word.

Today’s questioners revealed closed hearts through the assumptions they voiced in the inquiries they aired. Jesus deftly worded his way through their traps to frame pictures even the simplest listener could understand. He would not be tricked into identifying with any earthly ruler. Nor would a loaded question coming from a limited earthly interpretation of scripture, own his answer regarding the afterlife.

Jesus knew the rigid hearts of the religious elite. The stories he told rose from the dust of everyday life. With simple language and profound meaning, he still disturbs the carefully arranged boundaries people seek to create for him.

Perhaps our journey through Lent could help us find the secret of simplicity in faithful submission to our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ.


• What presumptions are you stumbling over on the way to a better relationship with Jesus?

• What simple truth have you made so complex that you cannot see God anymore because of all you have placed around him?


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